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The World From Behind a Wheelchair, Alan Whimp, 2009

Spinning Tales from Downunder, Kerry McComish, 2007

Just Two Kiwis, John Mather, 2006

It’s In The Blood, John Lidgard, 2006

It’s a Rough Ride to Erehwon, Snow O’Halloran, 2006

Picking More Daisies, An Anthology, 2005

Bitten By Africa, John Mather, 2005

Battery Captain ~ A Guest of the Emperor, Lt. Col. B S Brazier TD, 2004

Corpse de Ballet, Bernhard Holibar, 2003

Several titles by Maria Monteros, 2002

Throw Me A Line, Captain Christopher Carl, 2002

Target 180, James Chapman-Smith, 1999

Some of the more recent titles are available for sale.