Completed Work

My Life, This is How I Roll– Grant Aickin with Basil Avery, 2021

The Croppers, Merchants and Engineers – Basil Avery, 2018

May Anna’s Memories – May Jenkins, 2017

Diamond Reflections – Harold and  Margaret Titter, Basil Avery, 2015

O Myfanwy ~ Ian & Jane Cooper, Basil Avery, 2014

Takaro ~ Syd & Elsa Pasley, Basil Avery, 2013

Navigating Graham’s War, Basil Avery, 2012

Mayoress & Councillor, Dame Barbara Goodman, 2012

Excelsior, the R & E Tingey Story, Basil Avery, 2012

A Boy From Amberley, Basil Campion, 2011

A History of NZTS and the Plowman Family, Basil Avery, 2011

Moturoa, Worlds Within an Island, Basil Avery, 2010

100 Years of Claude Stratford, Basil Avery, 2010

My Life in the Royal Navy, Rear Admiral W.N. Ash, 2010

A Man of the Land, Maurice Jenkins, 2009

Where to From Here?, Bill Bracks, 2008

Fidelity, my Life ambition, Gordon Watson & Basil Avery, 2008

They Wanted Me to tell My Story, Bob Burley, 2007

Legacies to a Young Land, Ethel Fenwick & Basil Avery, 2006

50 Years and Growing ~ A.S. Wilcox & Sons Ltd, Basil Avery, 2004

A Hunting Life, Possum Bill McCabe, 2004

The Chalmers Family in New Zealand, David & Pam Chalmers, 2004

This is My Story, Joyce Roberts, 2004

The Dreamalong Big Trip Diary, Peggy Rushbrook, 2003

Kumfs, The Last Came First, Basil Avery, 2002

Ormie, Basil Avery, 2001

The Journey Before Heaven, May Fry, 2001

Into the New Millennium, Joan Fitzgerald, 2001

Our Family History into the New Millennium, Maurice & Susan Chatfield, 2000

Faith & Perseverance ~ The Story of Comvita Founder, Claude Stratford, Basil Avery, 2000

Our Family History & Stories, Gordon Thomas Spragg, 2000

A Very Fruitful Decade ~ Hubbard Foods, Basil Avery, 1999

Reflections, Terry Thomas, 1999

Horace & I ~ Our Lives, Helen Tooley, 1999

A Very Good Life, Jessie Barnaby, 1999

Our Country Lives, Frank & Marjorie Gaukrodger, 1998

Our Lives ~ Our Hertiage, Brian & Anne Marchant, 1998

Our Family Cloth, Shirley Ross OBE, 1998

Mangatokerau 1887 – 1984, Joan Fitzgerald, 1997

The Brier Diaries, Ethel M. Neal, 1997

Our Wonderful Lives, Grace & Jim Harris, 1997

My Life ~ My Stories, Clive Henry, 1997

I Am Hilda Notman, 1997

Videos from “The Croppers, Merchants and Engineers” book launch

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